Thursday, May 02, 2013

Fleetwood Mac @ Xcel Energy Ctr, 4/28/13

Fleetwood Mac has been one of the bands on my (thankfully) shrinking concert bucket list. I was actually supposed to see them during the '87 Tango In the Night tour, but the Minneapolis show was sadly cancelled.
Fleetwood Mac at Excel Energy Ctr, St. Paul, MN 4.28.2013
(photo by Tony Nelson, City Pages)

I typically have plenty to say following a concert, but this particular show left both Leo and myself a bit underwhelmed. After a bathroom break during Stevie's "Stand Back" we decided to be old people and leave before the encores in order to avoid traffic. There were some definite highlights, however, in the 2.5 hour show:
  • "Tusk", which included audio/video of the USC marching band that ended up being an audiovisual blast to the senses. Leo and I leaned in towards each other afterward and said "That was pretty cool!".
  • "Sad Angel", one of the songs off the band's new 4 song EP, Extended Play, released this week on iTunes. The song has a tremendous energy, and the whole band seemed to get a kick in the shorts during this one. 
  • "Eyes of the World", a forgettable track from 1982's Mirage, which rocked so hard I thought it was another new song. As soon as we got home I grabbed my Mirage LP to hear "Eyes" again, but it paled in comparison to the live performance we'd just seen.
4/28/13 setlist:
Second Hand News/ The Chain/ Dreams/ Sad Angel (new) / Rhiannon/ Not That Funny/ Tusk/ Sisters of the Moon/ Sara/ Big Love/ Landslide/ Never Going Back Again/ Without You (Buckingham Nicks outtake)/ Gypsy/ Eyes of the World/ Gold Dust Woman/ I’m So Afraid/ Stand Back (Nicks solo hit)/ Go Your Own Way   ENCORE 1: World Turning/ Don’t Stop   ENCORE 2: Silver Springs/ Say Goodbye

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