Friday, August 23, 2013

Jay Edward Anderson, 11.21.1964 - 8.22.2013

My brother Jay passed away peacefully at 10:18 pm yesterday. The following is an edited version of an entry I posted on his CaringBridge site this morning:

I met my brother Jay on March 9, 1966. From that day forward we had an inseparable bond. I remember our mom saying (in reference to women who took an interest in Jay), "Don't ever try to get between those two brothers, because you will lose".

...I plan to find reasons to celebrate Jay today. In 47.5 years Jay and I created a huge catalog of memories. The way I see it, I have the next 47.5 years to replay these memories like a great sitcom in syndication. I know Jay's soul is alive. We may have lost him in our physical sphere, but he will never leave us.

Jay, you were an incredible, protective & supportive brother, a fellow music geek & trivia nerd, a gifted humorist (nobody I knew would go so far for a joke - even if you were the only one laughing), my best bud, and a total dork. I will miss seeing and spending time with you.

You are no longer in pain from the disease that pained you for so many years. Your only pain now is that your friends have countless unflattering, yet hilarious stories about you that we will be sharing for decades to come. So sad for you, so good for us. 

Be at peace, bro. I love you.



Anonymous said...

My condolences on you loss. My oldest brother died (51) in March of last year. Ironically, about a year and half before he died we were playing records enjoying wine, when it was time to leave. I remember hugging him and forgiving him (for the bad times in being a younger brother. I inherited his records (vinyl) only half way through the "A's" (April Wine) but now, I realize I'm in no rush to re-discover his cache. The records are now fine bottle of wine to me. If you know what I mean? Take care.

Jeff said...

Anon- Thanks for your comment. My condolences to you as well. I totally know what you mean about those records being a bottle of fine wine. I almost hesitate to clean them because they still have my bro's fingerprints on them, but I'm sure he would roll his eyes at that. So I clean them to help preserve part of history, which is also my history.

peace to you. JEFF