Saturday, September 24, 2016

2016: Best of Quarter III

Since the onset of my big 8-track kick this year, I've been archiving my quarterly best-of's on the ancient tape format.  Working with 8-tracks adds an extra level of ritual to the process.  Some would call it a pain in the ass, I call it fun.  You say potato...

So here's what is likely be the final track list of my fave songs from the past three months, as they appear on the tape:
Track 1: "Insatiable" - Redd Kross
               "The Luck You Got" - The High Strung
               "Cricket and the Genie, Movement I: The Delirium"
                        - The Claypool Lennon Delirium
               "Action" - De La Soul
Track 2: "CBGB's" - De La Soul
               "Beautiful Thing" - Stone Roses
               "Simple & Sweet" - Yoni & Geti
               "Sreaming" - Redd Kross
Track 3: "Pleasure Seekers" - Jeff McDonald
                "2 Styx" - Kula Shaker
                "Smile More" - Deap Vally
Track 4: "Madeline" - Yoni & Geti
                "A Better World" - The Monkees
                "The Sharp Knife" - Dhani Harrison & Paul Hicks
As of now, it's looking like my 'album of the year' is going to be The Monkees' Good Times!. The Top Five, if I had to guess, will probably include Kula Shaker's K2.0, De La Soul's Anonymous Nobody, and maybe Weezer's White Album.

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