Friday, December 30, 2016

Jeff's Fancy C-60 Podcast: The Best of 2016

Episode 176 of my Fancy Podcast is the very first to go live on a Saturday (I typically post new episodes on Tuesdays).  This episode recaps some of the best music of 2016 (in my opinion).  Hope you dig it!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mixtape: Best of 2016, Qtr 4

Last night, after a few weeks of trial/error, recording/re-recording, I completed my "Best of Quarter IV" mixtape.  Yes, it's an 8-track, which is admittedly nerdy, but hey - it's fun.
Best of 2016 Qtr 4 mixtape
Track 1:
  • "Terrifying" (RSD Black Friday) - The Monkees
  • "Radio In Bed" - Kate Pierson
  • "Neighbors of the Beast" - Pansy Division
  • "Haroomata" - Lemon Twigs
Track 2:
  • "Still Breathing" - Green Day
  • "This Is Your Night" - The Flat Five
  • "Memory Of..." - De La Soul
Track 3:  
  • "We The People..." - A Tribe Called Quest
  • "Certainty" - Temples
  • "Dreams of Rock & Roll" - Kula Shaker
  • "Mira Et Ten" (from Fantastic Planet) - Alain Gorger
Track 4:
  • "Wasabi" - Shonen Knife"
  • "I'm In Love" - Teenage Fanclub
  • "Amy In Colours" - Barry Gibb

Thursday, December 08, 2016


December 8th, for me, has become one of those milestone dates during the year when I find myself pausing to reflect.  For many years I remembered John Lennon's death as a marker in my life, a moment after which I viewed the world through a less innocent lens.  Today it feels like I'm looking at December 8th through a lens that's been tinted by the passage of time.  The loss of a hero, or a loved one, is now something I have experienced numerous times.

When I look back at the timid fourteen year old I was on 12/8/1980, I see little resemblance to the person I am today, even though much of what took place around that time in my life remains embedded in my psyche.  There are demons that I still face, but overall I am grateful that I am able to recognize all that I have overcome in the past 36 years.  I made it.  I'm still alive, and honestly I have John Lennon and his bandmates to thank for getting me through some incredibly tough times in my pre-and-early teens.  There will never be a time in my life when the Fabs don't exist, and as I sit and think about that, I think that it's a pretty cool thing.