Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dr. Jeff's Fancy Vinyl, LLC.

It's been eight months since the completion of my last contracted position in academia. Since then, my health challenges have made full-time employment an unrealistic expectation. A couple of months ago I started feeling the urge to work, even though I knew I was not physically ready for a 40-hour work week.  So what could I do part-time to generate some income, something that would get me moving and feeling productive again?  

Sell records. 

Within weeks I had set up shop on eBay and incorporated my own small business: Dr. Jeff's Fancy Vinyl.

Right now I'm six weeks in, spending about 20-30 hours a week getting this project up and running. I schedule my own hours and I'm surrounded by vinyl every day. I don't know how long I'll pursue this new venture, but for the time being I'm having a pretty fun time with it.

Visit my shop at: eBay.com/usr/jeffsfancyvinyl
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Anonymous said...

Nice idea(r).
Happy halloween, Jeff.